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Geotechnical Engineering

The geotechnical engineering department at Geomaple Geotechnics Inc., provides a wide range of services for infrastructure, offshore, buildings, land developments, landslide, and slope stabilization projects. A summary of the services includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Site investigations

  • Geotechnical and hydrogeological reports

  • Geotechnical inspections

  • Shoring design – Drilled caissons, driven piles, helical piles

  • Retaining walls

  • Deep foundations – Drilled caissons, driven piles, helical piles, micropiles

  • Soil improvement – Vibroflotation, dynamic compaction, stone columns, grouting, drainage

  • Slope stability analysis

  • Pavement design

  • Subgrade inspection for buildings and roads

  • Compaction testing with nuclear density gauge on soil, aggregate, and asphalt

  • Material testing on soil, aggregate, asphalt and concrete

  • Geotechnical inspection for development projects

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