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This project is practically three amphitheatres under one roof.
The structure is a composite structure of steel girder frames and concrete slabs.
The girders were designed using Auto Cad in such away that once they were put together
they would form the skeleton of a shell structure. Covering surface is 20 centimetres
(8 inches) of concrete. About 2 inches were poured on the ground to form a bed that later
were placed on the steel skeleton to serve as form work for the other 6 inches of concrete.
The 6 inches of concrete covers the top flange to make a composite section.
Span: 84 Meters (280 Feet), Height: 20 Meters (67 feet)
The Bam Earthquake that devastated the city of Bam caused no damage to this dome structure. This structure is located about 9 miles from the old city of Bam.

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